How To Write Appendix in Term Papers

It is aimed to comprise any applicable but wide-ranging matter, which would disrupt the writing of the body of the essay or dissertation etc.

Typical items for the Appendixes are:

  • A model questionnaire used for an analysis
  • Model of a completed questionnaire
  • Visual summaries of findings when these are wide
  • Other relevant material

Keep in mind that Appendixes like everything else in a part of writing need page numbers. If you are incapable of word method the page numbers of your appendices, you must write them in by hand. Page numbers are necessary.

If there are more than a few appendices, it is customary to comprise a list on the Contents page and probably once more at the start of the Appendixes if you wish. As well as either of these may be resolved by an administrator or thesis unit guide.

You should situate information in an Appendix that is appropriate to your topic but needs to be kept detached from the main body of the report to keep away from interrupting the line of progress of the report. Anything can be sited in an appendix providing it is related and as long as you made reference to it in the body of your report. You don’t have to incorporate an appendix necessarily.

An appendix should contain only one set of information, but extra appendices are good enough if you need to take in several sets of information that do not belong in the same appendix. Mark each appendix with a letter, A, B, C, and so on. Do not keep the appendices in order of their importance to you, but somewhat in the order in which you submitted to them in your report. You should also paginate each appendix discretely so that the first page of each appendix you incorporate begins with 1.

How To Write Appendix in Term Papers |

How to use an appendix

Appendices are used when the inclusion of matter in the body of the work would make it badly ordered or too long and thorough. The appendix may be used for supportive, supporting or essential material that would or else mess, divide or be disturbing to the text. Appendices might comprise some of the following:
  • Supporting evidence
  • Contributory facts
  • Specialized information (raw information appear in the appendix, summarized information appears in the body of the text)
  • Technical figures, tables or descriptions
  • A detailed description of research instruments
  • Maps
  • Questionnaires (questionnaire results appear in the body of the text)

The body of the content must be comprehensive without the appendices, and it must hold all information including tables, diagrams, and results essential to counter the question or sustain the thesis. Appendices are not incorporated in the word count.

Appendixes must be referred to in the body of the matter, for example, ‘particulars of the survey are given in Appendix B [on page 23]’

How to format and appendix

The heading should be «APPENDIX» or «Appendix», followed by a letter or number e.g. APPENDIX A, Appendix 1, and:

  • Centered
  • Bold
  • Each appendix must begin on a new page
  • Appendices should be listed in the table of content
  • The page number(s) of the appendix/appendixes will resultant from the body of the content
  • Appendices may lead or go after the reference list