How To Write Footnotes and Endnotes In Term Papers

Each column represents its central idea with highlighted headings. Some of the documents we use the idea of central ideas conclusion introduction and so on, all such things represent the document presentation. How the file or document is presented at high levels or in multinationals these things must be followed before going through any document. Because without these things your document or your presentation looks like the drawing without colors in it. So before going to start any work, we must have this idea in mind.

So, what is a footnote?

Footnote is always presented at the end of the page from the name a clear idea comes our minds that the footnote involves some downward place that is it is at the bottom of the page presenting the whole above description sometimes you don ’t have a time to read out the whole article so because of the shortage of time you can also take the idea of the given information in many papers from the footnote at the bottom of the page so it must say that it is helpful in many ways for the official as well as educational purposes.

Here we involve the footnotes for various kinds of documentation every companies presentation involves the focus on the footnote of each presentation. These are of different types:

  • Footnote for a book.
  • Footnote for a website.
How To Write Footnotes and Endnotes In Term Papers |

Footnote for a book

Footnote for a book involves the presentation of  the written work in sequence that is if you are writing an article of one writer in a book you should at the end of the page give the information about the article you are going to present in a book this footnote involves the intro of the article however if you are going to present two articles from different writers you must have to write both of the writers introduction with their articles introduction  took short lines which presents the whole idea of the article that the article people are going to read is on this matter .usually the footnote is also called endnote, so if someone tells you to write a footnote or an endnote they have the same meanings. So, for anything presented on any page of the book can be summarized into a footnote that clears the whole idea of writing work above.

The footnote for the website has many things to present if you are going for the first time to present the foot note at a website you involve the following things:

  • Author of the webpage followed by a comma
  • Name of the webpage
  • Date on which the information is put up on the webpage
  • The computer uniform recourse locator that is we called URL
  • The date on which the webpage would be accessed by the reader

The footnote for any webpage involves the above-mentioned stages, which should be followed before going to start any footnote for a webpage.

Difference between footnotes and endnotes

There is not any basic difference within the footnote and the endnote, but one thing must be remembered: no doubt that both appear at the end, but the difference with endnote is that it appears at the place of appendix of every book. That is if you need to look at the endnote of the book it is at the end of the book and you have to go to the end of the book it requires a large number of effort and also the time because sometimes with the shortage of time the reader could not be accessed to the end of the book. So, it is more uneasy than the footnote because footnote is at the end of every article and the end note is at the end of the book.