How To Write MLA Term Papers

There are basically only four important parts that one needs to keep in mind when writing in the MLA style. The first being the three body parts in which the paper will be divided into basically Introduction, Body and Conclusion. The final part is the work-cited page in which you will state all your references. The MLA style does not encourage or discourage the use of headings in your Research Paper but states if the usage of headings are important than all of them should be centered. The entire paper is formatted to double spacing and the margins all around are set to an inch. At the top left hand corner comes the place where you put the page numbers with your last name. Please remember that your last name comes first and then followed by the page number. If you are using a word processor, you can set the program to do this automatically. You have to practice your MLA writing, if you want to master a skill. But if you tried and can’t format your work with MLA style, find an essay writer, who will help you with your term paper.


The introduction of your research paper should be made very clear at the beginning. After you have finished with the introduction you should be able to tell exactly what the paper is all about. The introduction should be a maximum of two hundred words and nothing more than that. The introduction should state why you are performing the study and what you are trying to prove or state. If you are trying to argue a point, then you need to state both sides of the argument and you will need to also state which side you are on. If it is a literature review, then you need to state both literature and then narrow it down to the one you are going to talk about. In short what we mean is when you start your approach should not be too broad but in the end it should be narrowed to what your paper is going to talk about.

To look at it in another way the introduction should reflect four paragraphs in which the following ideas are to be expressed. So your four paragraphs should answer to the following headings. Please don’t include the following headings these are just here to act as a guide (you can find more guides here):
  1. The general introduction
  2. The literature review
  3. The connection of the present study to the literature
  4. The explicit statement of purpose
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The body of the paper will consist of what you want to discuss in the paper. The discussions should be in full and should not have the reader be left in a puzzled state. Be sure to carefully analyze what you have to say. Once you have the thoughts registered in your mind; it is recommended that you organize them and give them brief headers. Once you have finished with writing on the headers you can delete them so that it all looks like running thoughts of the body. Be sure to quote a lot and use references from various books and/or other services. When you are quoting, please, remember to intext cite each one of them. In the reference section you will find how you should give the entry in the works cited page and how you should intext cite for each one of them.


The conclusion should end your discussion. In here, you should announce what the outcome of your arguments or your study reveals. You should also announce ways of improving if there are any and how it would help to better the factors you want to protect. To help you make better conclusion you should divide your concluding thoughts into various headings and then delete those headings after you have finished with them.