How To Write References In Term Papers

References are the helpful ways to find out some information related to some different topic. There are also so many places other than books for defining the references but particularly the meaning of reference is to give the link or connection between the two or more peoples. By the references we also mean that if you are going to some new place you don’t know anything about there but you have a link with some person so when you goes to that place you should represent the reference of a person by which you are there for your work so references play an important role for the representation of someone.

Types of references

There are many types of references with their usefulness these are:

Employment references:

for employment references we should say that it is the reference related to the employment purposes and as explained earlier it was the employment reference that is when you have to go somewhere at new office or a professional place you don’t know anybody there but you have reference of someone to go there and meet him you should give an interview with the reference of that person to which you are there

Professional references:

now come towards professional reference there are the people who know you at professional basis these are those people who are at some business or organizational level.

Academic references:

the academic reference is the instructor who gives the references related to your academic endeavors.

Personal reference:

the personal reference is someone who knows you on personal basis they could define your skills and abilities to other peoples on personal level.

How To Write References In Term Papers |

Selection of references

Your references required something’s when you are going to select any reference at any level either it is at professional or at the personal level these things must be considered. First thing on going to give any person’s reference you should have a full trust on a person whose reference you are going to show to others it is necessary that you personally know him/her that they should not be cheat and give the whole true observations to others. Second thing which must be followed is to avoid giving reference from your family and your much close friend who knows your small weaknesses also may be they would not be true at times for their own interest. So there are many types of references and their importance’s also beside these references which we have studies earlier other references which are related with the educational purposes for example you are going to the library and you have large number of books to read there but you have some articles to read from them you must require a reference for them so you should seek your topic by the reference you have it is the easiest way to find out something.

If the references are not given

Whenever the references are not given at any place that is on professional official or personal basis it makes your work easy you should present yourself outside but before presenting you should follow the above guidelines for doing so and the references on educational basis are also required by you for the better presentation.

References problems

There are so many problems existed with the references so it may not say that it is the easiest task to present the reference of someone on professional or personal basis we could never see every one with the same eye you must have a clear knowledge about the person whose reference you are going to mention sometimes these references ends at cheat to person who are so true to you at your front is against of you in back so this is the most important problem existing with the references from the personal and professional point of view that’s why it has been said earlier in the guidelines that you must avoid references from your close friends and also your family.


From the above discussion, it is clear that whether it is the footnote and endnotes, appendix and references each has its own importance. So we can’t say that one is important and the other is not all things have their own importance at equal levels this is the end of description.